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Boost Your Skincare IQ

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  • Skin Clinic

by Sophia Goldberg •

Skin Clinic

Skin Detoxing: Myths and Facts

We spoke with HydroPeptide’s lead aesthetician Erin Larson about the truths and myths of detoxing the skin, as well as why it’s so important to detox in the first place. What does it mean to detox your skin? There are a lot of myths about what detoxing means, for example, we don’t mean we are pulling heavy metals or “toxins” out of our skin. The word “toxin” is overused in the world of detox and it is usually just used to scare people. The word doesn’t even get defined as a specific ingredient or set of ingredients. But in the skincare world detox essentially means removing physical dirt, debris and excess oil that accumulate on our skin, neutralizing damaging free radicals from the environment using antioxidants, helping provide prebiotics to feed probiotics on our skin-essentially balancing healthy bacteria, and protecting from aggressors of all kinds like sun damage and blue light. These are real steps we can take toward healthier skin that functions better. Want help providing pre and probiotics to the skin? Try our Hydraflora Essence. What are some ingredients that you should avoid when trying to detoxify your skin? Try to avoid anything too harsh like abrasive scrubs or brushes as well as anything that strips the skin of healthy oils like a harsh cleanser. Why do we need to detoxify our skin? We are all exposed to pollution and environmental aggressors on pretty much a daily basis. Whether it’s coming from exhaust from cars, blue light from screens, or even if it’s more related to lifestyle like poor diet or not removing our makeup at night. All of these things can contribute to build-up on our skin and less than optimal cellular health. By detoxing our skin we help it function at its best. Concerned you aren’t doing enough to prevent blue light from damaging the skin? Keep our Somnifera Root Mist by your computer and spray on the skin every 2 hours.   How often do you need to detoxify your skincare routine? All the time! We are exposed regularly so we should be fighting regularly. Need a quick way to detox at the end of the day? Try our HydroActive Cleansing Wipes. What are some other things we can do to protect our skin from toxins like pollution, UV, etc. Protecting ourselves from the sun (with sunscreen and by physically shielding ourselves using hats etc) and cleansing our skin at the end of every day are two basic steps everyone can take to detox their skin. Using screen protectors that block blue light or getting away from screens as often as you can as well as using detoxifying skin care products are the next step in making sure your skin functions optimally. To learn more about our Detox product line, click the link below: (Provide link)




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