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 Peptides: The science-backed skincare ingredients

by Sophia Goldberg |

Trends come and go within the skincare community, but peptides remain a timeless staple in skincare, and for good reason. Broadly, peptides are small chains of amino acids that occur naturally within the skin. They are small enough to be absorbed, but large enough to make a huge impact in your skin’s natural processes. Since peptides are found naturally within the skin, they are extremely gentle and cause little to no irritation.

Collagen-Boosting Peptides

Peptides are a great partner for many skincare issues, but they are particularly good at preventing the loss of collagen within the skin. Over time, collagen production begins to slow down, leading to a loss of firmness and visibly laxer, sallowed skin. Collagen-supporting peptides are designed to “trick” your skin into thinking it has lost more collagen than it has. Cells respond to this by kicking their collagen building back up a notch to compensate.

Find collagen-boosting peptides in:

Power Serum

Power Lift

Eye Authority


Acne-clearing Peptides

Certain peptides are designed to kill the bacteria that cause acne. These anti-microbial peptides work great in tandem with salicylic and azelaic acids to encourage cell turnover and reduce breakouts.

Find acne-clearing peptides in:

Redefining Serum

Purifying Cleanser


Soothing peptides

Anti-redness and calming peptides both help calm sensitive, irritated skin and reduce reactivity and sensitization. These peptides are great for people with rosacea, or who are just extremely sensitive to skincare products.

Find soothing peptides in:

Soothing Serum

Rejuvenating Mask

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