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Peel To Reveal

by Sophia Goldberg |

Not all skincare issues are created equal, and one of the most difficult problems to tackle is hyperpigmentation. The most effective solutions often include harsh chemical peels like Hydroquinone,  that leave skin red and sensitive for days.  We spoke with celebrity aesthetician and HydroPeptide Account Executive Dana Waldie about how she developed one of HydroPeptide’s newest facial treatments, the Clinical Clarity Brightening Facial, with the hope of finding a better solution to dark spots.

One of Waldie’s main objectives when developing the facial was to create a treatment that would be just as effective as a more aggressive peel, without the negative side-effects. “I have a passion for clinical results, but with a no downtime experience,” she said. In an effort to accomplish this lofty goal, she teamed up with HydroPeptide’s head of education, Erin Larson. “We wanted to take our brightening regimen one step further in the treatment room,” said Larson.

The treatment they landed on mixes HydroPeptide’s most powerful and effective professional peels. “We start off with the vitamin C peel, and then move to the slightly more intense Pumpkin peel, and then we finish with the Intense 5X Power peel. It’s what we call a ‘triple peel,’” said Larson. Three peels in one treatment may sound intense, but rest assured, your skin will leave the facial looking at most a little pink from the increased circulation.

The triple peel is followed with the Radiance Mask, which is formulated with brightening apple and papaya as well as soothing ingredients like shea butter. And the facial wouldn’t be complete without applying HydroPeptide’s clinically proven LumaPro-C serum, which Waldie and Larson recommend taking home with you after the treatment to use every day and keep your glow going.

Let’s be real though, if you have sensitive skin, the Clinical Clarity Brightening treatment may not be for you. If you’re searching for something a little less intense, try our more basic “Brightening Facial” or the “Even Brighter Facial.” If you’re on the hunt for a spa that offers one of these treatments, try using our Spa locator.

Hyperpigmentation is difficult to treat, but not impossible. If you’re consistent with visits to you aesthetician for treatments and you take care of your skin at home, you’re going to see the results you’re looking for. So glow on and get brightening!

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