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How to prep your gym bag for skincare success

by Sophia Goldberg |

Chloe Hallion, HydroPeptide Esthetician


When I first started working out, I noticed that I was getting a lot more breakouts. Not only was I working out with more intent but I was also in the process of changing my diet and incorporating more water into my daily consumption. I knew that eating a more balanced diet and drinking more water would help clear my acne, but it wasn't quite doing the trick. Having both a passion for fitness and skin care, I knew I needed to improve my overall complexion.

I continued to do my morning and evening skincare routine but added in a mid day cleanse for after the gym. When you’re working out at the gym, not only are you sweating, you are also continuously touching things in the gym. We all subconsciously touch our faces thousands of times during the day, so while you're sweating at the gym, you're also adding various forms of debris, which can also clog your pores as well. 

After trial and error, here are my post-workout skin care secrets. For the past few years I’ve been adding more travel size skincare products to my gym bag! I try to keep a package of moist towelettes in my gym bag (The HydroActive Cleansing Cloths,) sometimes I run out so I always keep a small bottle of face wash in my bag as well (Travel Size Cleansing Gel), I then add my travel size Moisture Reset Oil and top it off with Face Lift, finally I end my skin care routine with SPF (Tinted Solar Defense SPF). I make sure to complete my skincare routine right after I finish my workout!

Since I also wash my face AM & PM, I like adding the moisture reset oil in with my mid day post gym routine to help keep my skin hydrated. Not only will your skin feel clean, you will also look like you’re glistening from a great workout!

In todays age, most people want to be fit and healthy with clear, smooth skin. I think that both are achievable and I am always happy to share skin care secrets with people who are having troubles achieving their skin care goals.

If you want personalized advice, set up a free online consultation with me and we can go over your concerns and goals to find a routine that works perfectly for you. 

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