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The Perfect HydroPeptide Product For Your Astrological Sign

by Sophia Goldberg |  | 1 comment

Your astrological sign can be a defining factor in the choices you make, and it can be a fun thing to use when making skincare decisions too! Read on to see which HydroPeptide product you were fated to love.  

Aries – Nimni Cream

Aries are bold, straightforward and love to be number 1. Because of this, they are perfectly matched to our best-selling Nimni Cream. This game-changing night cream is our number 1 anti-aging treatment, designed to epigenetically influence your skin’s collagen production to deliver firmer, more youthful looking skin. Bonus: the sometimes impatient Aries won’t have to wait to see results; their skin will start looking brighter and plumper after just one night.

Taurus – Soothing Serum

Taureans love to surround themselves in soothing, comfortable environments, and they know how to treat themselves right. The Soothing Serum will help them stay cool, calm and collected with redness reducing peptides and botanical stem cells to ensure that their skin stays well within the comfort zone.

Gemini – Solar Defense Tinted

Geminis love to have a lot on their plate, but they can often have trouble juggling all of their ideas and projects without getting overwhelmed.  With so many different interests, Solar Defense Tinted fits their lifestyle perfectly. Not only does this mineral sunscreen protect from UVA and UVB rays, it also provides light-weight coverage and hyaluronic acid. With one product giving multiple benefits, Geminis can move on to new pursuits without worrying about complicated skincare routines.

Cancer – HydraFlora Probiotic Toner Essence

Cancers are great at understanding the people around them, but they keep a tough shell to ensure that they’re always protected. The HydraFlora Essence is perfectly suited to their emotional – and skincare needs. This barrier restoring product provides balance and nourishment to skin through pre- and probiotic support and free-radical fighting antioxidants. So even when the world gets tough around them, a Cancer's skin will stay safe and balanced.  

Leo – Nourishing Glow Body Oil

Leos are performers, and love to be the center of attention. Our Nourishing Glow body oil is perfect for Leos who crave the spotlight. With a head-turning natural fragrance filled with gorgeous florals and glow-inducing flecks of golden mica, Leo’s skin will be a showstopper every time they use Nourishing Glow.

Virgo – Spot Correction Treatment

Virgos are practical-minded, and have fantastic attention to detail. The Spot Correction Treatment is great for the Virgos who want perfect, blemish free skin, but who don’t want to target their entire face just to solve the problem. Formulated with colloidal sulfur to kill acne-causing bacteria, this spot treatment won’t over dry, so Virgos can target one problem without causing any others.

Libra – Balancing Face Mask

Libras believe in balance in all things, and they strive to remain in harmony with everything around them. The Balancing Face Mask uses the perfect mix of oil balancing kaolin clay, hydrating jojoba seed oil, and brightening lactic acid to give a Libra’s skin everything it needs to feel and look its best. Plus, it’s vegan, so no animals were disturbed in the process!

Scorpio – Eye Authority

Scorpios are deep, introspective people who often prefer to hide their thoughts until they are closer to their companions. For this reason, Eye Authority eye cream will be their new best friend. Formulated with crushed pearl powder, the fine line and dark circle reducing peptides can work in secret while Scorpios easily trick everyone around them into thinking they had a full night’s sleep (even if they spent much of it lost in existential thought.)

Sagittarius – 5X Power Peel

The Sagittarius is always on an adventure, with something exciting to see or a new friend to meet. They don’t like to stop or even slow down, and the travel friendly 5X Power Peel pads are perfect for a life in motion. Formulated with 5 exfoliating enzymes, these gentle peel pads will improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles while encouraging collagen renewal. They won’t leave skin red or irritated, so the busy Sagittarius can keep go, go, going.

Capricorn – Polish and Plump Face Peel

Capricorns are the most ambitious and persistent of the astrological signs and when they set their mind to something, they achieve it. The Polish and Plump Peel is perfect for Caps because it allows them to take charge of their own skincare treatment. From safe, yet highly effective polishing crystals to plumping and firming peptides, this two-step system will help a Capricorn achieve the smooth, firm skin like the pro they were born to be.

Aquarius – Power Serum

Aquarians are rebels who have big dreams they’re willing to fight for. They want aging to be on their own terms, and their partner in crime for anti-aging is the Power Serum.  This serum is formulated with line-lifting peptides as well as free-radical fighting antioxidants, putting the Aquarian front in center for the revolution against aging skin.

Pisces – Soothing Balm

Pisces’ are known for their compassion and empathy, but sometimes their emotional awareness can leave them feeling exhausted and exposed. Soothing Balm is the perfect barrier from negativity, providing skin with moisture and nourishment while it blocks out environmental stressors that cause dryness and aging.

Comments (1)

  • Madeline on June 26, 2019

    I love this! And my clients will too! Very cool, HydroPeptide.

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