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Get To Know The Spa At Chumash

by Sophia Goldberg |

Chumash Spa

Chumash Casino Resort and Spa uses methods of prayer, healing, and ceremony that have been used in the Central California region for thousands of years. They work to incorporate traditional native practices into traditional treatments like facials, massage, and aromatherapy. Learn more about the luxurious Santa Ynez spa below. 

Number of years since started?

We opened in 2004.

What is Chumash’s approach to skincare

Our facials are all inclusive. We always incorporate décolleté, lip, eyes, ears, & hands.

What is different about the Chumash from other spas

We want to keep our spa small and personal so we can give each guest the attention they deserve.

What are the biggest difficulties of running a spa?

Having a qualified staff and keeping them.

What is the best part of running a spa?

The satisfaction that you get from having a guest feel totally relaxed and rejuvenated.

How do you decide on new treatments?

We take inspiration from local surroundings. What’s in the air, what flowers are blooming, and then we try to incorporate that into a treatment.

Which is your most popular treatment? Why

I would say the Chumash Signature Treatment because the customer can consult with the esty and we customize the treatment based on their main skin concerns.

What’s your philosophy for skin?

Keep it clean, keep it fed (i.e. hydrated), antioxidants, probiotics, and keep it protected.

How do you think Chumash has grown/changed over the years?

We love to tap into our surroundings and keep it local.

What keeps clients coming back?

The knowledgeable staff and the personal touches are really what keep our clients coming back.

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