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Get To Know Hiatus Spa

by Sophia Goldberg |

Hiatus spa has become a fixture in Texas as one of its most luxurious and popular spas. With 5 locations already across the state and 2 more on the way in Fort Worth and Dallas, the owners of the spa really seem to know what their guests are looking for when it comes to skincare, massage, and relaxation. We spoke with co-founder of Hiatus Spa Sheila Garrison about what makes Hiatus so successful and unique. 

What is Hiatus’ approach to skincare? 

We know skincare can be overwhelming if not a bit intimidating, which is why we take an eclectic and fun approach to skincare. We want our Guest to learn something about their skin or how to care for it each time they visit us. Whether our Guest is new to skincare or has specific goals in mind, our Estheticians are here to inspire our Guests and help them realize just how empowering it can feel to have the right tools and know how to use them. 

What is different about Hiatus from other spas?

Definitely our level of customization for each service, combined with the wide variety of products and our membership model, which provides a one-of-a-kind value and allows self-care to become an ongoing conversation rather than a rare splurge.  

What are the biggest difficulties of running a spa?

We have expanded to multiple cities quite rapidly, so it’s a balance of staying innovative and relevant yet original. We really value the long-term relationships we have with our members, so maintaining the service consistency on the guest’s hundredth visit or at another location in a different city is always top of mind. Since this is a notoriously competitive industry, it’s also tempting to want to offer everything to everybody, but the flip side is there's a risk in becoming a business that’s good at many things and great at none. 

What is the best part of running a spa? 

Having Guests come in because they heard wonderful things about us just never gets old. And there’s something very satisfying about seeing your team succeed in ways that are true and meaningful to them, but are also growth factors for your business. 

How do you decide on new treatments?

We listen to our Guests and what they are asking for or seeing on the market. Our service providers also help us stay ahead of the curve and often have the best ideas. 

Which is your most popular treatment? Why?

Guests love our “Perfectionist” facial, which is a results-driven facial and includes a light chemical peel, but is still very comprehensive and relaxing. 

What’s your philosophy for skin?

If you have skin, you’re a candidate for skincare and it’s never too early start, and that includes the guys! Times are changing and we're seeing that moisturizer and sunscreen are becoming as accepted as toothpaste in everyone’s routine and that’s a great thing. No matter who you are, though, we believe that consistency wins, so take the time to find what works, don’t be afraid to try new things, and stick with it. 

How do you detox, mind, body or skin?

 I am a Pilates enthusiast, and love The Lagree Method of strength training done on the Megaformer.  II have been doing it for three years and it completely changed my body.  I also like to mix in yoga, for stretching  and a mind/body connection.  For my skin I absolutely love the HydroPeptide detox line of products to deep clean my pores, and brighten and protect my skin. 

Want to schedule an appointment at Hiatus Spa? Click here. 

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