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HydroPeptide Rewards

What is the HydroPeptide Rewards program?

Our Loyalty program is a free program designed to reward HydroPeptide customers. HydroPeptide Rewards allows you to earn rewards points for everyday activities such as purchasing, writing reviews, receiving HydroPeptide spa treatments, connecting with HydroPeptide on our social channels, and more.

How do I join the HydroPeptide Rewards program?

Anyone is welcome to join the HydroPeptide Rewards program, and it is completely free! You must create an account at and opt-in to the Rewards program to join, or if you already have a HydroPeptide account:

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Click Rewards Dashboard in your account.
  3. Click Join Now.
  4. That's it!

What are the terms and conditions of HydroPeptide Rewards?

You may view the full terms and conditions of the HydroPeptide Rewards program here.

Can I share my HydroPeptide Rewards account?

No, HydroPeptide Rewards accounts are non-transferable.

If I have multiple accounts at, can I combine them into one?

Yes - if you've accidentally created more than one account, please reach out to us at and we can assist with merging your accounts.

How do I earn points?

You will earn 10 points for creating an account. After that, for every dollar you spend at, you receive one point all the way up to 3 points, depending on your Rewards tier. Just be sure to log into your Rewards account before placing an order at

Also, be sure to visit the Earn tab in your rewards account for additional ways to earn Rewards points:

  1. Opt-in to HydroPeptide Rewards (required).
  2. Shop at
  3. Connect with us on Facebook via your Rewards portal.
  4. Connect with us on Instagram via your Rewards portal.
  5. Tag us with hashtag #HydroPeptide on Instagram (must be connected to our Instagram through your Rewards portal).
  6. Write a product review on (must be signed in to your HydroPeptide Rewards account).

How do I get points by getting a HydroPeptide spa treatment, or purchasing HydroPeptide products at a spa?

You can earn 2x the points per dollar by getting a HydroPeptide spa treatment, or purchasing HydroPeptide products at a spa - please provide a receipt or proof of purchase and email it to and we will add the points to your loyalty account. Please note that you must be opted into the program to receive points. (Does not apply to taxes or gratuities). Note, HydroPeptide spa treatments and purchases do not count towards the Skinsider, Skinspired, Skintelligent and and Skinvested tiers.

What kind of benefits can I earn and redeem?

Benefits from joining HydroPeptide rewards include:

  1. Early access to sales (Skintelligent and Skinvested tiers).
  2. Early access to new product launches (Skintelligent and Skinvested tiers).
  3. Annual Holiday Surprise (Skinvested).  

Dollar off rewards - may not be combined with other discount codes.

  1. 100 points or more: $5 off coupon.
  2. 200 points or more: $10 off coupon.
  3. 300 points or more: $15 off coupon.
  4. 400 points or more: $20 off coupon.

Can I earn HydroPeptide Rewards points if I purchase HydroPeptide products from another site?

No, points are awarded only for product purchases made at, or by providing a receipt for HydroPeptide purchases or spa treatments from an eligible spa.

How do I redeem my points?

Sign in to your rewards account at, click on Rewards Dashboard and visit the Redeem tab to view and apply available points.

When do my points or my status expire?

Points expire after one year. For example, if you earn 100 points in November 2020, those 100 points will be valid for redemption until November 2021. To see when your points expire and track your point history, you can head to the Activity tab in your Rewards dashboard.

In order to keep or level up a tier, you must reach that spend threshold by your anniversary date.

If you have not completed any action for points (earn) or used points towards a reward (redeem) within 365 days since your last activity/redemption, your tier will reset to the lowest tier.

If I cancel an order with a redeemed reward, do I get the reward back?

Please contact us at if you have cancelled an order with a redeemed reward.

I follow HydroPeptide on Instagram and liked the HydroPeptide Facebook page. Why aren't these points showing up in my account?

Visit the Earn tab within your rewards account and click the "Connect" button under each social action.

Where can I view my HydroPeptide Rewards account info?

To see your points activity, current reward level, ways to earn points, and so much more, just log into your Rewards account at, and click on Rewards Dashboard.

Are there any limitations to the number of points that I can redeem?

No! You can redeem as many points as you'd like, as long as you have them available and they haven't yet expired. 

Points I have earned are not showing up in my dashboard - what can I do?

Your points and rewards will show up automatically after action is completed. If you don't see your points, just let us know and we can help! Simply contact us at

How can I opt-out of HydroPeptide Rewards?

If you no longer wish to be a part of the program, please contact us at and we can help remove you from the HydroPeptide Rewards Program. Please note that all points will be removed from our account.




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