About HydroPeptide

A Skin Health Company

We think you should know that we’re obsessed with the health of your skin and your overall wellbeing. That’s why we use epigenetic principles, peptide technology, and sensory expertise to formulate clinically proven, luxurious skincare products and regimens. The result? Happy, healthy skin that makes you look and feel absolutely amazing both inside and out.


HydroPeptide facials and body treatments are designed to leave skin youthfully plump, smooth, radiant and visibly lifted, in one treatment, with continued improvement in the days after. Powerful peptides instantly restore healthy skin structure and hydration. Carefully selected botanicals detoxify and rejuvenate. Every HydroPeptide treatment combats telltale signs of aging with the option to customize the treatment to address additional skin care concerns including – but not limited to – sensitivity, acne and hyperpigmentation.

We know the best results are achieved when you marry your home care regimen with regular visits with your skin care professional. Book your customized treatment experience with a HydroPeptide expert now. Enter your zip code below to find a provider near you.



The science behind our brand

Epigenetic Focus
We focus on epigenetic principles, including peptide technologies, to formulate clinically proven skincare products that work to heal and promote optimal skin health at the cellular level. The result? Skin that not only looks and feels amazing but that’s strong and healthy inside out.

Geneticist Developed
Our products are developed by Dr. Neal Kitchen who is Chief Geneticist and COO at Hydropeptide. Dr. Kitchen has an extensive research background in epigenetic regulation and cellular signaling responses, including a background in aging mechanism at the molecular level.


Famous faces, celebrity makeup artists, dermatologists and spa directors trust their own and their clients’ skin to HydroPeptide because HydroPeptide products deliver award-winning results year after year.

HydroPeptide is the winner of over 30 coveted beauty awards to date, including “Best Cosmetics Brand” at the 2012 Grase Awards in Russia,Prevention magazine’s “Defy-Your-Age-Beauty-Award” and “Best Skin Refresher” from Fitness magazine.  HydroPeptide facials have been featured in InStyle’s “Little Black Book of Facials.”  In an interview withVogue – Paris, celebrity makeup artist Janeen Witherspoon said: “HydroPeptide facials give tired skin a boost for a perfect glow!”

New Beauty

Summer/Fall 2014

Wrinkle Reducer, A pump of he peptide, stem cell & Niacin Packed HydroStem +6 Stem Cell Antioxidant serum is the first stem towards younger looking skin.

Hudson MOD

June/July 2014

HydroPeptide Perfecting Gloss infused with peptides to firm,moisturize & Plump your lips for a the prefect lip look.


May 2014

“Within less than a week, my skin plumped up and tightened up.”


March 2014

“HydroPeptide Cleansing Gel is formulated with pseudoalteromonas and expolysaccharides to hydrate skin and stimulate collagen and elastin production.”

New Beauty

Spring 2014

Free of chemicals that can strip your skin of moisture, HydroPeptide Purifying Cleanser packs a high concentration of acne-fighting salicylic and mandelic acids plus anti-aging peptides for a healthy glow.

Cosmopolitan for Latinas

March 2014

Do a power-packed peel. With peptides, Vitamin C, and lactic acid, HydroPeptide’s Polish and Plump Peel is a win!

US Weekly

March 2014

This eye cream has components that will catch the light just right to seemingly eliminate wrinkles and bags.

Life & Style Weekly

February 2014

Reveal radiant, refreshed skin with Lauren Conrad’s go-to HydroPeptide Polish & Plump Peel. It’s the perfect at-home microdermabrasion facial – and requires zero downtime!

New Beauty Spa+

2014 Edition

This serum is power-packed with a mega dose of peptides, antioxidants and a growth factor-activating extract that immediately improves the health of your skin while revealing a firmer, years younger appearance.

Allure Daily Beauty Reporter

October 2013

“Once a week, I do a light peel, like HydroPeptide.” – Lauren Conrad